Former Winnipegger seeking world record for inspirational drawings

Jennifer R. Cook is trying for a Guinness World Record after drawing 1,462 inspirational pictures every day for four years.

Jennifer R. Cook has drawn an inspirational picture every day for four years to heal from depression

A former Winnipegger is hoping to set a world record with her art.

Jennifer R. Cook, who lives in Montreal, submitted her inspirational illustration series, What My Coffee Says To Me, to Guinness World Records.

Jennifer R. Cook said her daily drawings helped her get out of bed in the morning during the height of her depression. (Jennifer R. Cook)
"Doing an illustration a day and posting it on social media, I don't know if there are many people who do something like that [normally]," she said. "let alone for mental health."

A graphic designer by trade, Cook started drawing for herself four years ago to cope with depression.

"I needed to get back to creativity and I was looking in my cup of coffee on Jan. 1, 2012 and I thought, I have to do something," said Cook.

So she started drawing coffee cups with a positive message. "There were things that I would read and I would think, 'OK, this is going to get me through today.'"

She said she started with quotes from Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, and Ralph Waldo Emerson and now writes her own.

"Each day it got better and better and after six months it started to feel good, where I was kind of excited to get out of bed," she said.

She's now drawn 1,462 pictures and has posted them all online. She said she never sought professional help for her depression, adding drawing was her medicine. She said her followers also gave her the strength to keep going.

Jennifer R. Cook calls her daily illustration series, What my Coffee says to me. She has drawn 1,462 pictures since January 1, 2012. (Jennifer R. Cook)
"When I started to see people were responding to [the illustrations] and adding comments saying, 'When I read your post it brings a little light to my day', well that's really heart-warming," said Cook. "When I read that I cried."

Cook said she plans to continue drawing every day to inspire others who are dealing with mental health issues. She hopes her art will also raise awareness.

"I think there is a lot of stigma attached to it because people don't know enough about depression," she said.

She said it will take Guinness World Record about 12 weeks to process her application.