Former MP Bill Blaikie proud to see son Daniel win seat in Parliament

Former Elmwood-Transcona member of Parliament Bill Blaikie says it was gratifying to watch his son Daniel Blaikie achieve what he did nine times during his 30-year political career.

'I’m sure we’ll have occasion to have some great conversations about what’s going on in Parliament'

Bill Blaikie was proud to watch his son, Daniel Blaikie, elected to Parliament in the riding Bill represented for 30 years, Elmwood-Transcona.

Former Elmwood-Transcona member of Parliament Bill Blaikie said it was gratifying to watch his son Daniel Blaikie achieve what he did nine times during his 30-year political career.

Daniel Blaikie squeaked out a win in the closest federal election race in the country on Monday. The NDP candidate came in just 51 votes ahead of his main competitor, Conservative incumbent Lawrence Toet.

"It was a dead heat all night.… We were very gratified that at the end, he came out on the right side of close, so to speak," said Bill Blaikie. "I'm proud of him, and we're looking forward to seeing him in the House of Commons."

While Blaikie said he is pleased to see his son and his daughter, NDP president Rebecca Blaikie, achieve leadership positions in politics, he did not pressure his children to enter public life.

"You want your kids to do whatever they want to do and you want them to do it well," he said.

"It's important to have the next generation involved in politics. I'm just very proud."

Advice for son in Ottawa

Bill Blaikie's words of wisdom for his son in Ottawa are simple: keep close to family. Daniel Blaikie currently has an 18-month-old child. His father said a close relationship with his immediate family and extended relatives will be important because they can be his "eyes and ears" when he's in Ottawa. 
Daniel Blaikie was elected MP for Elmwood-Transcona in Monday's election, ahead by only 51 votes. (CBC)

Finally, when his political life ends, his family will be there.

"When your political life is over, your family is still there, and your family will always be there.… They are a support to you," he said. "[Politics] is also something you can involve your kids in and make them see the importance of."

Will Dad get involved?

When asked whether he will weigh in on Daniel Blaikie's work in Ottawa, Bill Blaikie simply said "that remains to be seen."

One thing he was sure of: politics will come up at the dinner table.

"I'm sure we'll have occasion to have some great conversations about what's going on in Parliament."


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