Floodwater soaks cemetery, highway near Souris

A highway just north of Souris is flooded after a swollen creek backed up.
A large section of Highway 250, north of Souris, is under flood waters. (Brady Strachan/CBC)
Highway 250 disappears into a flood-created lake. ((Denis Labossiere))

A highway just north of Souris is flooded after a swollen creek backed up.

The water has engulfed about 300 metres of the highway and flooded into a cemetery as well as several properties.

Souris Mayor Darryl Jackson said the creek started to back up Wednesday afternoon when a culvert was overwhelmed by the amount of water from the creek.

Crews from the town rushed to sandbag two homes, saving them from the flooding, while Manitoba Hydro had to move equipment from a storage garage as water began to pour into it.

That building is the only one flooded as of Thursday.

Crews on Thursday were using pumps to move the water out of the area and Jackson said the level of flooding has receded since Wednesday.

However, he's worried about what will happen when warmer temperatures return and the quick melt picks up once again.

Temperatures in southern Manitoba on Wednesday and Thursday dropped by about 12 to 14 C from earlier in the week, slowing the melt.