5 things Winnipeggers are looking forward to in the new year

CBC spoke to Winnipeggers about what they are looking forward to most in the coming year. 

From travel abroad to simple pleasures in their own backyards, here are some Winnipeggers' dreams for 2021

James Torrance is a big sports fan, and while he missed watching some of his favorite teams in action, this year he filled his time with skating and getting outdoors. (Jonathan Ventura/CBC)

As the last day of 2020 comes to a close, Manitobans are thinking about what the new year might hold.

CBC spoke to some Winnipeggers about what they are looking forward to most in the coming year. 

From travel abroad and festivals to simple pleasures in their own backyards, here are some Winnipeggers' dreams for 2021.

Enjoying the outdoors 

Soaring bicycle sales and new active transportation routes kept Manitobans busy this summer. With the winter season blanketing the province with snow, many have continued to look for a way to stay outside and embrace the cold. 

Trinette Konge is one of those Manitobans who loves any excuse to breathe in some fresh air. 

"It seems to be a beautiful winter. We have lots of snow, so I'm looking forward to skiing and skating, and enjoying the outdoors. I'm looking forward to those immediate things I can see tomorrow and the next day," she said. 

Konge hopes that Manitobans can all get together soon at places like the Forks.

Trinette Konge is keeping her expectation realistic for the new year, but she is really looking forward the things she can do day-to-day like getting outside. (Jonathan Ventura/CBC)

For people like James Torrance who are looking forward to the opening of the river trail, they might not have to wait much longer. 

"That would be number one on my list to get back on the river trail after a year hiatus. The trails and the canopy kind of whets your appetite but you definitely want to get back on the river," he said.

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CBC spoke to some Winnipeggers about what they are looking forward to most in the coming year.

Torrance has been coming to the Forks most days and watching crews work on the trail. 

He's been keeping a close eye on the river since sports and events have been postponed. 

Events & Sports

Torrance says aside from the river trail he's most excited to watch some of his favourite teams play again, including the Goldeyes, the Bombers, the Jets and Valour FC. 

"I'm optimistic later in the year that I might be able to attend these [games], and some of the festivals like the Fringe Festival and Folklorama" he said. 

"I'm hoping with 2021, and the year of hope, that we will get to go to these events again." 

Back to school

Michael Butterworth is an instructor at the University of Manitoba.

He also misses the chance to attend live events like shows at the Park Theatre, but what he's really missing in his day-to-day life is connecting in person with students.

"Teaching students in person will be really good," he said

In the new year he would really like the chance to get back on campus and teach in front of his pupils.

Michael Butterworth, an instructor at the University of Manitoba, is looking forward to seeing students in person again. (Jonathan Ventura/CBC)


Butterworth also had a trip to Italy planned but as the pandemic unfolded he slowly watched as the virus spread across the world and cancelled his plans to travel.

He hopes that in 2021 he'll be able to make up for lost time.

Gagan Badesha is also looking forward to travelling with his friends.

"Last year we ... went to Killarney and the beaches. It's really hard to imagine what it was like without these masks. We believe these vaccines are coming in and it should be good," said Badesha.

Gagan Badesha (left) and Jaydee Dhaliwal (right) are most excited about the prospect of traveling next year. (Jonathan Ventura/CBC)

With the hope of vaccines on the horizon, Badesha hopes he can travel to the United States and India soon. 

"We hope that 2021 will be a great year for a new beginning," he said. 

Normal day-to-day life

Ken Kinsley has replaced his travel plans with with walking outdoors, and is thinking about getting back into cross-country skiing.

As a senior he looks forward to getting back into the simple routines of life. 

"When you get to my age you just look forward to the day-to-day," he said.

Ken Kinsley isn't able to travel so instead he's been taking walks and hopes to get back into cross-country skiing. (Jonathan Ventura/CBC )


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