Festival du Voyageur patrons told to wear ice cleats to avoid falling

If you’re heading out to Festival du Voyageur, you might want to head the store first to buy some ice cleats.

Surge in warm weather in Winnipeg has caused many problems at winter festival

Sculptures have melted at Festival du Voyageur and many people have fallen on ice. (Samuel Rancourt / CBC )

If you're heading out to Festival du Voyageur, you might want to head to the store first to buy some ice cleats.

Officials at the winter festival say they're encouraging everyone coming out to the festival to wear proper footwear and get ice cleats if possible.

At least 19 people had to be treated by paramedics on site Saturday at the festival due to slips and falls and one person had a concussion, said Christian Clavelle, president of Canadian First-Aid Training, which was on site treating people with injuries. 

Winnipeg emergency crews were also called to Fort Gibraltar to deal with a fractured ankle on a man who had fallen on ice.

A city spokeswoman said once crews were leaving, someone flagged them down to help yet another woman who had a fractured ankle. Both were taken to hospital.

Festival spokesperson Dominique Leclerc said staff are telling patrons to walk slowly and are putting down sand, wood chips and grit all over festival grounds to prevent any more slips.

"It's a high-traffic area. You know it gets a little slippery," Leclerc said.

Sculptures melted

The recent surge in warm weather has caused several problems at the festival this year including the melting of sculptures.

"I think there might be one or two that are still up. It's very sad, but you know that's Mother Nature and it's something that we can't control this year," Leclerc said.

Still, Leclerc said spirits haven't been hampered.

"We're rolling with the punches and making the best of it."

with files by Austin Grabish and Patricia Bitu Tshikudi