Family calls for health care changes after girl dies of pneumonia

The family of a 12-year-old girl who died from pneumonia last week said more needs to be done for health care in the north.
Britney Pruden, 12, of Pukatawagan, Man., died from pneumonia last week. ((Facebook))

A family from Pukatawagan, Man., is calling for changes to health care in their community after their 12-year-old granddaughter died from pneumonia.

Gary Dumas said his granddaughter, Britney Pruden, was sick a couple of weeks ago.

Her aunt repeatedly took her to the nursing station in Pukatawagan, but each time they were sent home with Tylenol.

Early last week, Pruden got up with the other kids, but was burning up with fever.

Dumas said he tried to soothe her fever with a sponge bath.

"And then she deteriorated real quick and then they had to kick the door open to check up on her and she was already deceased when they found her," said Dumas.

A family member found the girl dead in the bathroom.

"The first thing that went through my mind was disbelief," he said.

Family members said RCMP investigators told them Pruden didn't drown, rather an autopsy determined she died from complication from pneumonia.

"My concern is that they are not able to provide the proper diagnosis for our healthcare," said Dumas.  "We want answers as to why all these people are being sent home and creating a life and death situation."

If they can't solve the issue at the community level, then he may take it to the federal government, he said.