Facebook apologizes for blocking indigenous activist's account after hateful messages were shared with users

Facebook says it has reactivated Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie's account. A spokesperson says her account was flagged by other users for inappropriate content, but it should not have been temporarily disabled.

Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie's account was temporarily disabled after she shared hateful messages from strangers

Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie said her Facebook account has been temporarily disabled for violating the social media website's community standards. (CBC News)

Facebook said it has reactivated Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie's account after her account was flagged by other users for inappropriate content. 

A spokesperson for facebook said it and has placed a note on Lavoie's account for content reviewers to prevent this from happening again. 

Lavoie was locked out of her Facebook page Thursday morning after she shared hateful messages in her inbox that she received from strangers.

Lavoie created an album of screenshots of the racist and sexist remarks, which was shared nearly 700 times.

"Apparently by doing that I was violating [Facebook's] community standards," said Lavoie. "But the fact that [people] are allowed to send this hateful stuff is ridiculous."

The 22-year-old received dozens of private messages following a protest that she organized against a radio host from 92 CITI FM on Tuesday.

An image used in the 92 CITI FM's video Transcona Girls. It depicts a woman from the North End. (Youtube)
The station posted animated versions of the songs Transcona Girls and North End Boy on their social media accounts. The songs were created two years ago, but reposted as animated videos on Monday.

Dave Wheeler, who hosts CITI FM's Wheeler in the Morning, was suspended on Tuesday and apologized for offending people in Winnipeg.

Lavoie received messages accusing her of trying to ruin Wheeler's life and calling her names like "stupid" and "attention seeker."

One of the more offensive messages she received was: "You are an absolutely disgusting, filthy, piece of shit. Get the f--k out of my city, c--t."

Lavoie said for every nasty message she gets, there is a positive one to lift her spirits.

"They're showing me a lot of love and it is helping me go through this whole process," she said. "I want to shout out to all the supporters who believe racism is wrong, misogyny is wrong, sexism is wrong."

​A Facebook spokesperson said the social network encourages all users to report hateful comments or messages.