Winnipeg company creates rideshare app that teams up sports fans

A new Winnipeg-based company aims to team up sports fans for a greener way to get to the game.

Ridesharing app could earn carbon credits for the team

A Winnipeg company is looking to cut down on the traffic congestion connected to sports events by hooking up fans with a ridesharing service.

A new Winnipeg-based company aims to team up sports fans for a greener way to get to the game.

EventRide is a rider-share app that matches fans who are closest to one another so they can carpool and share the costs of parking.

"When a baseball fan decides they want to leave their car at home, EventRide will find them someone who is prepared to share a ride to the game" says CEO Rod Bruinooge, former Conservative MP for Winnipeg South.

Once someone has the app, they can view all games — or concerts — in their area and either offer a ride or request a ride.

Not only will ride-sharing reduce some traffic congestion, the app could earn carbon credits for a user's team, said Lawrence Toet, EventRide's vice president of business development and former Conservative MP. 

Eventride is working with Toronto-based Carbonzero to co-ordinate the greenhouse gas reduction project and carbon offsets.

"Eventride will utilize ride data collected with their new sports fan ride share app to quantify what emissions Eventride users have saved through using their service," said Dan Fraleigh, COO of Carbonzero.

The Eventride app is available for download on the company's website.