Tractor pull, Boler reunion and music fest fun: CBC Manitoba's top 3 things to do this weekend

Another warm summer weekend means another stacked lineup of events across southern Manitoba. From tractors in Teulon to a Boler crusade, there's something for everyone looking to get outside and enjoy a hot summer day.

Take in Teulon Truck and Tractor Pull, 50th anniversary of Winnipeg-made trailer and Harvest Sun Fest

Boler owners tend to paint their trailers in creative ways, like this one based on the Beatles' Yellow Submarine. (Boler Paint Yellow Submarine/YouTube)

Another warm summer weekend means another stacked lineup of events across southern Manitoba. From tractors in Teulon, Man., to a Boler crusade, there's something for everyone looking to get outside and enjoy a hot summer day.

Our panel of CBC Manitoba personalities is back to run down a few of the top spots around the province over the next couple of days.

Sam Samson's pick:

Teulon Truck and Tractor Pull

Aug. 18-19

The only two-day tractor pull in Manitoba was started in the 1970s by local Teulon farmers. The goal of this weekend? Find out whose truck or tractor can pull a 14,000-kilogram sled down a dirt run.

Contestants come to Teulon from Saskatchewan, Ontario and the U.S. with their souped-up hemis, antique vehicles and field tractors to be a part of the annual event.

The pull draws about 2,000 people every year, and organizers donate some of the revenue to local charities. If you're willing to get some dirt on your boots, head to Green Acres Park in Teulon-Rockwood, about 60 kilometres north of Winnipeg.

The pulls start at 3 p.m. on Saturday and 2 p.m. on Sunday.

Sabrina Carnevale's pick:

Boler's 50th Anniversary

On until Sunday, Aug. 19

Trailers — about 500 of them — from across North America are in Winnipeg this weekend for a very special reason. It's the 50th anniversary of the Boler trailer!

The iconic trailer was invented in Winnipeg in 1968, and in honour of the compact trailer's anniversary, a massive gathering of Boler owners is happening this weekend at Red River Exhibition Park.

The Boler was the brainchild of Winnipegger Ray Oleko. The first trailer rolled off the line in 1968. 0:40

The park has turned into a huge campground to celebrate this very Canadian anniversary. The event features live music, a beverage garden, a merchandise shop, workshops, food trucks, a scavenger hunt and a showcase of contemporary trailers inspired by the Boler.

And in full Manitoba style, there will be a social.

If you want to take a peek inside these collectors' items and meet the owners, the 50th reunion is open to the public on Saturday. 

Ismaila Alfa's pick:

Harvest Sun Music Festival

Aug. 17-19

It's one of the coolest little music festivals in Manitoba.

The Harvest Sun Music Festival takes place on a family farm in Kelwood, 185 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg, where they've built a beautiful performance area with a permanent stage, vendor area and campground.

The focus is on local farmers, produce, artisans and music, with bands like​ Atlaas, Red Moon Road and Mama Sol James, to name a few.

There will also be a hurdy-gurdy demo! It's one of my favourite instruments: it's stringed and you play it by turning a crank that spins a rosin wheel over the strings.

Children's entertainer Al Simmons is playing at the Harvest Sun Music Festival. (Pat Kaniuga/CBC)

There's a kids tent and a kids parade, usually led by the one and only Al Simmons, who will also be performing and hosting at the festival.

The market area is filled with locally made crafts and food.

It's a great little festival with a wonderful family environment.

By Sam Samson, Sabrina Carnevale and Ismaila Alfa.


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