Current MLA: Cliff Graydon, PC Party

Riding profile: It has existed since 1879, when it was created by redistribution.

It is located in the southeastern corner of the province, its southern boundary is the U.S. border.

It includes the communities of St. Pierre-Jolys, Otterburne, Dufrost, St. Malo, St. Jean Baptiste, Roseau River First Nation, Tolstoi, Altona, Plum Coulee and Emerson.

As a result of the new 2008 boundaries, Emerson no longer includes its easternmost region, where it used to share a border with Ontario.

Voter turnout

  • 2007: 49.51 per cent
  • 2003: 48.54 per cent
  • 1999: 62.17 per cent



Cliff Graydon, PC Party

  • Born in Arnaud.
  • Has spent 30 years farming cattle and grain.


Population: 20,370

Average family income: $61,951

Unemployment: 2.9 per cent

  • First elected in 2007 after Jack Penner’s retirement.
  • Critic portfolio has included MPI, liquor control, lotteries and gaming.
  • Founding member of the Manitoba Cattle Producers Association.
  • He and wife, Rose Ellen, have two children.


Michelene Belliveau, Liberal

  • Grew up in Emerson.
  • Active with St. Boniface Wildlife Association.
  • Married, mother of three.


Lorie Fiddler, NDP

  • Director of the Selkirk Friendship Centre day care.
  • Chair of the Growing Years Family Resource Centre.
  • Chair of Healthy Together Now committee for chronic disease prevention.
  • Chair of local Early Childhood Coalition.
  • Received training in early childhood education with a focus on Aboriginal childcare.
  • She and husband, Larry, have three grown children.


Results from 2007 provincial election



Total votes

Percentage of votes cast

 Cliff Graydon

PC Party 



 Chris Murash




 Monica Guetre





Political history

  • 2003: Jack Penner (PC) defeated Liberal Len Schieman by 2,249 votes.
  • 1999: Jack Penner (PC) defeated Liberal Ted Klassen by 1,940 votes.
  • 1995: Jack Penner (PC) defeated Liberal Lorne Hamblin by 2,982 votes.
  • 1990: Jack Penner (PC), incumbent from Rhineland (elected in 1988), ran in this riding and defeated Liberal Real Tetrault by 2,790 votes.
  • 1988: Albert Driedger (PC) defeated Liberal Martin Stadler by 2,412 votes.
  • 1986, 1981, 1977: Albert Driedger (PC) elected. In 1977, Driedger defeated incumbent NDP Steve Derewianchuk by 972 votes.
  • 1973: Steve Derewianchuk (NDP) defeated PC Garnet Kyle by 437 votes.
  • 1969: Gabriel Girard (PC) defeated incumbent Liberal John Tanchak (elected in 1958, 1959, 1962, 1966) by 453 votes.