Saint Boniface-Saint Vital

Dan Vandal (Liberal), Erin Selby (NDP), François Catellier (Conservative), Glenn Zaretski (Green)

Dan Vandal, Liberal

Vandal, 55, served as a city councillor in Winnipeg for 17 years over two separate terms.
Dan Vandal, Liberal Party candidate (Courtesy Dan Vandal)

Born in Morris, he and his wife have four children and one granddaughter.

He drives to work in his 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee and his favourite Manitoba band is the Guess Who. But the most-played song on his computer is Waiting on a Friend by the Rolling Stones.

He is a huge fan of the Winnipeg Jets and has loved hockey his entire life.

His last vacation was a winter getaway to Cuba last year with his wife.

Erin Selby, NDP

Born in Winnipeg, Selby lives in the city with her three kids.
Erin Selby, NDP candidate (Erin Selby/Twitter)

Before entering provincial politics in 2007 and winning the riding of Southdale, the 47-year-old worked in broadcast news.

When driving, she enjoys listening to news and talk radio instead of music.

She's less into sports, preferring instead to take in city cultural events. Selby loves the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and says her favourite dancer was Evelyn Hart.

The last time she left Manitoba was in spring, when she went to a Commonwealth Parliamentary Association meeting in Bangladesh.

Glenn Zaretski, Green Party

Born in Winnipeg in 1954, Zaretski is running in his home riding of Saint Boniface–Saint Vital.
Glenn Zaretski, Green Party candidate (Danielle Doiron/Red River College)

The 61-year-old married father of two is a folk rock musician influenced by many artists, including Bruce Cockburn and Bob Dylan.

He owns and operates a travelling dinner theatre company that hosts murder mystery parties and has previously worked as a telemarketer to help make ends meet and help fundraise for arts organizations.

He played paintball competitively and recreationally for 25 years until undergoing a recent knee surgery. He has also coached teens in the sport.

Zaretski drives three vehicles: a bicycle, a Toyota Corolla and a Dodge Caravan he uses to transport his theatre equipment.

He and his wife last travelled outside of Manitoba when they camped at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota — for the first time since their honeymoon.

Francois Catellier, Conservative

Catellier did not participate in the CBC-Red River College project.
Francois Catellier, Conservative Party candidate (

Catellier is a father and grandfather and has lived and worked in Saint Boniface–Saint Vital for 31 years, according to his candidate website.

Active in his local church, Catellier has also participated in charity work both in the community and overseas.

He has served as president of the Economic Development Council for Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities, and since 1995, he has run his own marketing business.