Ross Eadie endorses Jenny Motkaluk's mayoral run

Ross Eadie is the third member of city council's unofficial opposition to endorse Jenny Motkaluk's campaign for mayor.

Mynarski incumbent is third sitting councillor to endorse Bowman challenger

Incumbent Mynarski council candidate Ross Eadie said he likes Jenny Motkaluk's taxation plan. (Jeff Stapleton/CBC)

A third member of city council's unofficial opposition has endorsed Jenny Motkaluk's campaign for mayor.

Incumbent Mynarski council candidate Ross Eadie has joined North Kildonan's Jeff Browaty and Jason Schreyer of Elmwood-East Kildonan in endorsing the business consultant's campaign.

Eadie said Sunday he was on the fence until he heard about Motkaluk's desire to prevent property-tax bills from changing following reassessments.

"She sounds like she's going to be more practical," said Eadie, who was among six members of the last council who regularly voted against Brian Bowman.

Eadie said his dislike of Bowman was part of his decision to support Motkaluk. 

The Mynarski incumbent accused Bowman of failing to inform Winnipeggers they will face service cuts during the next council term.

He also said Motkaluk will be forced to amend her promises once she gets a closer look at city finances.

Eadie plans to join Motkaluk at a press conference on Monday. Eadie faces re-election challenges from three candidates in Mynarski: Dave Capar, Greg Littlejohn and Micheal Wiens.

Schreyer endorsed Motkaluk earlier this month when she pledged to replace the Louise Bridge.

Browaty endorsed Motkaluk when she announced her intention to prioritize the western extension of Chief Peguis Trail on an infrastructure-funding wish list.