Drag the Red finds 4 human teeth on Winnipeg riverbank

Remains found on the bank of the Red River were confirmed to be human by a forensic anthropologist.

Police identification unit now processing remains found by volunteer group

Volunteers with Drag the Red searched along the banks of the Red River near the Disraeli Bridge in one of their regular searches. (CBC)

Volunteers with Winnipeg's Drag the Red found human teeth Monday afternoon on the bank of the Red River.

The group regularly searches the river for clues they hope will help investigators solve cases of missing and murdered indigenous women.

The remains are four teeth that were shown to a forensic anthropologist who confirmed the teeth were human and instructed them to call police.

Winnipeg police confirmed they now have the teeth in their possession, and they're being processed by the identification unit.

Kyle Kematch, an organizer for Drag the Red, said he is concerned the scene is suspicious as it looks like someone tried to burn something in the area.

Drag the Red volunteers found what they believe to be three human teeth, which they have in the envelope. (CBC)