Pregnant woman says she was punched at south Winnipeg dog park

Meghan Dobbs, who is 39 weeks pregnant, says she was punched in the face by a man at Maple Grove Park after their dogs got into a fight.

Meghan Dobbs says an altercation with another dog owner turned violent Thursday

Meghan Dobbs says she was punched in the face by another dog owner at the Maple Grove dog park last week. (Sarah Petz/CBC )

A typical visit to the dog park turned violent for one Winnipeg woman Thursday morning.

Meghan Dobbs, who is 39 weeks pregnant, says she was punched in the face by a man at Maple Grove Park after their dogs got into a fight.

She says she arrived at the off-leash dog park around 9 a.m. with her daughter and two dogs in tow.

Another man, who also had two dogs, arrived at about the same time.

When the dogs got out of their respective cars, the four started sniffing each other, she says. 

"He said to me three times, 'Your dogs are going to get it,'" Dobbs says.

At that point, she says she called her dogs over so they could leave, but the four started fighting.

She says she tried to break the scrap up by throwing her daughter's bike helmet at her own dogs, but that it hit the man's instead.

Dobbs says the owner then walked over to her, punched her in the jaw with a closed fist, and yelled at her.

"I was pretty shaken up," she said.

Police investigating 

Her daughter was still playing in her van at the time, so she didn't witness what happened.

Dobbs reported it to police the following day.

Since then, Dobbs says she's had a headache and hasn't been able to sleep due to the pain in her jaw.

She says her experiences at the Maple Grove dog park have been positive aside from the Thursday incident. 

"We go there pretty regularly as much as we can to exercise the dogs and it's never been a bad experience," she says.

The off-leash dog park at Maple Grove Park off of St. Mary's Road near the Perimeter Highway. (Sarah Petz/CBC )

Dobbs says she wanted to come forward to share her experience in hopes of warning others and also so the perpetrator is held accountable.

"This man shouldn't be out in public without some sort of supervision if he can't control his emotions like that," she says.

A spokesperson for the Winnipeg Police Service says police are aware of the incident and are investigating.

They did not say whether any arrests have been made.