Crews fight fires in Assiniboine Forest

Grass fires continue to plague Winnipeg's Charleswood area where crews on Tuesday are battling flames inside the Assiniboine Forest.
Firefighters pound at flames in Assiniboine Forest with brooms on Wednesday. (Neil Carleton/CBC)

Grass fires continued to plague Winnipeg's Charleswood area on Tuesday as crews were called again to battle flames, this time inside the Assiniboine Forest.

How dry is it?

According to CBC Manitoba meteorologist John Sauder, southern Manitoba had just 50 per cent of its normal precipitation amount between April and now.

In Winnipeg, only 5 mm of rain has fallen since Aug. 15.

About a half-dozen firefighters were at the scene in the morning, doing what they could without access to water.

The fires, which were under control by the afternoon, were so deep inside the forest that hoses couldn't reach, so firefighters walked the area, pounding the flames with brooms.

On Tuesday, winds gusting up to 85 km/h reignited the fires in that part of the city — fires that had been off and on since Sunday.

Some residents just south of Assiniboine Forest, on Loudoun Road, were forced to soak down trees and grass on their property to prevent the spread of the flames on Tuesday.