Concerned Manitobans will search for Jennifer Catcheway this weekend

Brandi Hodgins is organizing a two day search for Jennifer Catcheway on the Dakota Tipi First Nation. She said she doesn't know the family, but felt compelled to help.

Volunteers will do a ground search of the Dakota Tipi First Nation for the missing teen

Jennifer Catcheway has been missing for seven years.

A massive search for Jennifer Catcheway will take place this weekend on the Dakota Tipi First Nation.

Brandi Hodgins is organizing the two-day search.

She said she doesn't know the family, but felt compelled to help. 

"As a mother myself, my daughter passed away as an infant. It was one of the hardest things I had ever been through, but I had closure in that," said Hodgins. "I just empathize with the family."

Last week, the Catcheways did their own search of the first nation after receiving a tip from one of it's community members. On Friday, someone from Dakota Tipi went to RCMP saying they saw Jennifer there before she disappeared. 

Hodgins said that inspired her to keep the momentum going to look for Jennifer. 

Brandi Hodgins is organizing this weekend's search for Jennifer Catcheway. (Facebook)
"After talking with Bernice, I knew right then and there that there was a connection," said Hodgins. "I am hoping that this weekend we will be able to give the family some closure that they've been needing for some time."

The search will take place on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Hodgins said plans are still being confirmed, but the plan is to use the Keeshkeemaquah Conference & Gaming Centre as the search base. She said there will also be car pools set up to shuttle people between Winnipeg and Dakota Tipi.

She said it's all come together quickly and the response from people wanting to volunteer has been overwhelming.
"I have been getting quite a few inbox messages from people offering quads and their expertise in hunting and tracking and stuff like that."

Hodgins said she will launch a Facebook event this afternoon with all final details about the search.