PegCity Kudos with Natalie Bell

Natalie is giving PegCity Kudos to people who are making a positive impact in the communities that they serve. She hopes to shine a light on the human interest stories behind local businesses in Winnipeg through her 6-episode radio series.
Natalie Bell, otherwise known as @pegcitylovely, is the host of PegCity Kudos. (Provided by Natalie Bell.)

Over a series of 6 episodes, Winnipeg's very own Natalie Bell, otherwise known as @pegcitylovely in social media circles, is highlighting some of her favourite people, places and things in Winnipeg. 

Natalie is giving PegCity Kudos to people who are making a positive impact in the communities that they serve. She hopes to shine a light on the human interest stories behind local businesses in Winnipeg.

Natalie is a working mom of three, grandmother of one, and a social media powerhouse. She draws from her experience as an HR professional, local enthusiast, and online social butterfly to provide engaging daily online content for her 22,000+ followers. 

Natalie's 4th episode of Peg City Kudos debuts on Thursday, April 29, but you can listen to the first three episodes here:

Episode 1: Natalie talks with Brooke Van Rysell, owner of My Body Fitness + Nutrition helps Manitobans work out in an inclusive, accessible and hate-free environment (no body shaming allowed).

Episode 2: Natalie gives PegCity Kudos to Entrepreneur Ogo Okwumabua, whose 'B History' clothing line celebrates and supports scholarships, equality and mental health initiatives.

Episode 3: Natalie chats with Destiny Seymour, owner of Indigo Arrows.

Q&A with Natalie Bell


We asked CBC Manitoba followers to send in questions for Natalie via Instagram. Here's what she had to say. (Answers have been edited for length.)

What's the story behind your social media handle, @pegcitylovely?

Probably 13-14 years ago, I was connecting with a lot of people on Twitter. I followed a lot of cool bloggers as well. And I was like - I wanna blog too. I think that's my thing. Twitter isn't enough for me and I started to envision what that could look like. When I went on mat leave with my son, PegCity Lovely was born. It came to me in a dream! People on Twitter used to call me "lovely" all the time. I put PegCity - where I'm from - and Lovely together. And there you have it, PegCity Lovely.

Tell us more about your new series with CBC Manitoba… what's it about? Any previews in terms of the types of guests that we should expect?

There will be lots of local guests, of course, and some local tidbits and knowledge that you didn't know about our community and the people here. It's things that might not make mainstream media on a regular basis.

Episode 4 of Peg City Kudos airs on April 29. (Provided by Natalie Bell.)

What's your favourite thing about Winnipeg?

It always comes back to the people for me. We always seem to have a way to shine, once we've been knocked down. We're a very resilient city. We're always the underdog, we're always talked about in not the greatest of ways sometimes. But the people here continue - the people who love the city - continue to show the rest of the country, the rest of the world, why we're so awesome. And that's my favourite thing about it. It's the Winnipeggers.

What are you looking forward to getting back to, once the pandemic is over?

I cannot wait for this pandemic to be over, because I know that I will be able to socialize again. Hopefully… get back to bumping into people downtown, going to places in Winnipeg that I haven't been before, experiencing new businesses, new foods. Getting back to helping out the community. All of the things that require people to be socially interactive. That's what I can't wait for, and I hope that we get back to that sooner than later.

What's better? Winter in Winnipeg or summer in Winnipeg?

Winnipeg winter or summer? That's a tough question. This is the one winter I've actually embraced. But summer still comes out on top. And you know what it's all about? The clothes. I don't like wearing all of the jackets and the things. I like to be in a tank top and shorts and that's it. So… it's really about the clothes when I'm deciding on Winnipeg winter or summer. Does that make sense? That's my answer and I'm sticking to it.

What's one random fact that nobody knows about you?

Have you seen my Instagram? I share everything! When I was three the first song I sang was You Light Up My Life by Debbie Boone. But that's really not an unknown fact, I've shared that before. I'm gonna be a grandma in 2 months. 

What are your hopes for the show?

My hope for PegCity Kudos is that it's going to be a mixture of things - radio, TV, online. I think my hope for this show is that it has some longevity. I hope that the City of Winnipeg engages, I hope that it expands to Manitoba, I hope that people recognize that it's all about sharing those positive impacts to our community and it's not just about all of the newsy stuff all of the time. We've got some great things going on in our city that I would love to share and expose and make visible to the wider audience. I just hope it's successful in that way. And I'm glad to be doing it.

If you're looking for a shot of positivity in your day, tune in to CBC Radio One, 89.3 FM / 990 AM on April 29 for Natalie's fourth episode of PegCity Kudos on Information Radio.

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