Misunderstood monsters

This is the plight of the misunderstood monster.

'We don't get it. We invite you over, you visit our house...only to run away from us?'

Just a bunch of misunderstood monsters enjoying a lovely bonfire on a not-spooky whatsoever October night. (Kirsten Neil/CBC)

Every October it's the same thing, the monsters come out to play and we all run away. 

What is going on here? Why all the shade???

We decided to get to the bottom of this. Investigate where the problems are coming from. We found ourselves late one night talking to the Heebie Jeebies crew to find out why you all freak out when they invite you into their house.

See what they had to say. (Caution: it's grim.)

This is the plight of the misunderstood monster

3 years ago
Duration 0:55

All jokes aside, we hope you have a terrifically terrifying (and safe!) Halloween this year! 🎃 🎃

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