Ignite your spirit at Manito Ahbee

The Manito Ahbee Festival is a gathering that celebrates Indigenous culture and heritage to unify, educate and inspire.

Celebrate Indigenous arts, culture and music at Manito Ahbee!

Ginger Johnson for Manito Ahbee

Drums! Regalia! Dance! Ignite your spirit and join us to celebrate Indigenous arts, culture and music at Manito Ahbee! This year's festival features the Indigenous Music Awards, an International Pow Wow, a marketplace, an art expo and "Getting Jiggy With It" -- a square dance exhibition and jigging competition. 

(Photo by Ginger Johnson for Manito Ahbee)

And CBC will be there! You'll find Rosanna Deerchild at the Indigenous Music Awards and Ismaila Alfa will be at the Music Conference

May 17 to 21, 2017
Various venues in Winnipeg