Six ways to get all glowed up for Nuit Blanche

Art’s one-night stand — Nuit Blanche — is hitting the ‘Peg September 28 and since it’s an all-night exploration of art and creativity, doesn’t it make sense to make yourself part of the installation? Read below to learn how you can get your glow on.

Because you know you want to

(Photo by h heyerlein on Unsplash)

Art's one-night stand — Nuit Blanche — is hitting the 'Peg September 28 and since it's an all-night exploration of art and creativity, doesn't it make sense to make yourself part of the installation? And if you're going to go out all night, you might as well go all art. Here are six ways to get your glow on for an all-night light bright party:

1. Achieve a glowing complexion

First off, if you're serious about glowing up, think of your face as a canvas. Take some UV makeup and turn yourself into a mystical being of glowtastic proportions just like this girl did.

UV makeup is not the easiest to find, but we found a few options here and here and here.

2. Tend to your glowing locks

Are you the type of person who wants, no, NEEDS to make a statement. Then level up with your hairdo. It could be as easy as a glow wig or as detailed as this guy using UV hair gel.

Please make sure to use UV paint safe for hair. You want to make a statement, not a commitment.

3. Dress to express

You want to glow all night at Nuit Blanche? Well, you have to dress the part. Bring out your brightest whites OR those old-school 80s neon tees OR go ahead by a century by decorating your gear with UV-reactive markers and paint. Maybe finish off your look with some reflective ribbon or tape.

4. Brighten a room with accessories

Pimp your glow with accessories! Your local dollar store is your best friend for a glow up party. They usually stock a massive amount of glow sticks and bracelets and star wands and glow glasses and rings.

5. Paint the town neon

(CBC Kids )

You're looking bright, you're feeling alright, it's now time to make your mark. Literally. Bring along a few pieces of DIY glow chalk so you can add your own creative flair to the coolest event of the year.

6. Just glow with the flow

Now that you're looking rainbow bright, come glow with us in studio at our Flow in the Dark party! On September 28, our Nuit Blanche black-light yoga party is where you are going to want to start a night of art and light and music and overall Winnipeg awesomeness.

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