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Can we have open conversations on emotional topics? CBC's Competing Truths wants to hear your point of view

In today’s climate, meaningful conversations with people who have opposing viewpoints are increasingly rare.There seems to be a fear of being dismissed, labelled, or at worst demonised, for saying the “wrong” thing. CBC Manitoba wants to bring people together to share their diverse and differing opinions.

Weekend Morning Show host Nadia Kidwai's new project explores how different opinions can deepen understanding

CBC Manitoba's Competing Truths is a new journalism project that explores how different opinions can deepen understanding. (CBC)

COVID-19, the U.S. election and discussions about race and racism have caused us to become increasingly polarized. Conversations have become more difficult, especially when people hold differing or even opposite points of view.

It can result in dismissing, labelling, or demonizing those who seem "in opposition," even if those opinions are held by someone in our own cultural community.

I wonder if it's still possible to have open, meaningful, and mindful conversations when the topics are so emotionally charged? Can we find a space to meet in mutual respect and learning? 

I'm looking for people to join me in a journalism project where we welcome different opinions, identities and cultures. We all need to be heard.

I'm calling it Competing Truths, and I hope you're interested in participating.

Full disclosure: these will be recorded conversations and we will commit to ensuring respectful spaces for everyone involved.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please fill in the form below:

About the Author

Nadia Kidwai

host, Weekend Morning Show

Nadia Kidwai is the host of CBC Radio One Manitoba's Weekend Morning Show. She is originally from Cardiff, Wales and since arriving to Canada in 2004, Manitoba's Prairie capital is affectionately her home. She is a passionate community builder, working with newcomer groups and women's organizations.