A Halloween round-up!

Costumes. Treats. Pumpkins. Scares. This is your spot for it all this Halloween.

Trick or treat yourself to a slew of ideas for the spooky season

There's no dilly-dallying around here. Let's just cut straight to the Halloween grub and garb, the carvings and decor, the thrills with gobs of chills...

Eat like a goblin

From easy-to-make treats for the kids to chilling cocktails for the adults to the most ghoulish looking guac dip for your party guests: 

For the kids:

Dress like a fiend

From Elvis impersonators to horror heroines. From Brad Pitt in OUATIH to Princess Diana running errands. From Sabrina to Maleficent. If you're stuck on what to wear this year, we got you:

For the kids: 

Decorate like a ghoul

Horror decor is all the rage right now. Think snake wreaths. Think patriotic pumpkins. Think zombie mason jars: 

For the kids: 

Play like a clown

... a creepy clown! The best part of this time of year is keeping up with all the ghostly movies, gatherings and games: 

For the kids: 

You can also scare yourself silly at Canada's most haunted places or local horror haunts like Heebie Jeebies, Terror on 12, Six Pines, and more. And if you're wanting to create your own haunted house, here's how the best do it