Cold is c-c-coming to southern Manitoba, but at least the sun is, too

Remember how it feels when your entire face is so cold it's like it was injected with novocaine? You're about to be reminded if you live in southern Manitoba.

Average daytime temperature so far this January has been –5.3 C

Daytime highs in Winnipeg this week will remain sunny and cold with overnight lows dropping to between –25 C and –30 C. (Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press)

Remember how it feels when your entire face is so cold it's like it was injected with novocaine?

If you live in southern Manitoba, you're about to get your winter clothing tested as the north winds gusting to 60 km/h move into the area on Tuesday, forcing the temperature to plummet.

In Winnipeg, the day will start cloudy as usual with a relatively mild – 9 C, but that won't last long.

The temperature will drop to –20 C in the afternoon as the sun comes out. The wind chill will make it feel more like –33, according to Environment Canada.

Daytime highs will remain sunny and cold for the week, slipping to –22 C by Saturday, while overnight lows sink to between –25 C and –30 C. 

It will be a big adjustment for Winnipeggers who have had just  two days with temperatures in the minus teens so far this new year.

Normal temperatures for this time of year are a daytime high of –13 C and an overnight low of –24 C but the average daytime temperature this January has been –5.3 C.

There's actually been three days above freezing — the warmest being 5.3 C on Jan. 3.

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