Climate, refugees top issues at first ministers meeting, Greg Selinger says

Refugees, the economy and climate change will all be key topics during a first ministers meeting on Monday in Ottawa, Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger says.

Premier to announce Manitoba emissions targets after Monday meeting

Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger is in Ottawa on Monday for the first ministers meeting. It's the first time premiers, territorial leaders and the prime minister have met since 2009. (CBC)

Refugees, the economy and climate change will all be key topics during a first ministers meeting on Monday in Ottawa, Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger says.

"You know we are not going to be able to deal with everything in one day, but I think you will see a very open and informal discussion on all the issues that we need to collaborate on together," he said.

The meeting is the first time in seven years that the premiers and prime minister have formally sat down together.

It will hopefully offer Manitoba a way forward in terms of addressing climate change, said Selinger.

It will be "interesting," Selinger said, to hear what the federal government's greenhouse gas targets will be.

"We want to hear from them. I think we will have that conversation together to see how we can make sure Canada makes a positive contribution to climate change," said Selinger.

Manitoba will announce its emissions target after the first ministers meeting, he said.

"We've got a target that we've been working on. We'll hear from everybody else and see what we can do together."

Everyone, including Manitobans, has a stake in addressing climate change, he added.

"We've seen the $1 billion-plus flood in 2011, we saw another major flood last year.… These natural disasters are occurring more regularly, with greater intensity, not only in Manitoba but all throughout North America," said Selinger.

Selinger will also join other premiers and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Paris for the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference. The conference runs Nov. 30 to Dec. 11. 


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