City of Winnipeg's acting CAO Deepak Joshi resigns

Deepak Joshi, who was suspended last month as Winnipeg's acting CAO, has resigned.
Deepak Joshi was suspended for 30 days on Jan. 21. On Wednesday, his resignation notice was accepted by the city's Executive Policy Committee. (CBC)

Deepak Joshi, who was suspended last month as Winnipeg's acting CAO, has resigned.

Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman released the following statement on Wednesday:

"Executive Policy Committee has accepted the resignation of Deepak Joshi from the City of Winnipeg, effective today.  Additional details cannot be provided as this is a personnel matter.”

Joshi was suspended by Bowman in January but his authority under the City of Winnipeg Charter limited the suspension to three working days.

The Executive Policy Committee then extended the suspension by 30 days at the urging of Bowman, who said at the time he has "lost confidence" in Joshi's capacity to serve as acting CAO.

However, Bowman has never elaborated on why he feels that way, citing human resources matters..

The 30-day suspension was set to expire on Feb. 21.

Bowman has already said he hopes to have a new CAO appointed and in place by March.