Parents plead for help on missing woman's 22nd birthday

The parents of a missing Manitoba woman renewed a plea for help Friday — the same day of their daughter's 22nd birthday.

Christine Wood has been missing since August 2016

Christine Wood has been missing since Aug. 19, 2016

The parents of a missing Manitoba woman renewed a plea for help Friday — which happens to be their daughter's 22nd birthday.

Sunday will mark six months since Christine Wood went missing. "We're waiting for her every day and every second for her to call us," said Melinda Wood, Christine's mother. 

"I wish I could hug her, tell her 'happy birthday,' I love her," Melinda said on the phone from Oxford House.

The Wood family has searched tirelessly for their daughter who vanished on Aug. 19 in Winnipeg. But so far, their search hasn't been successful. 

The Wood family told CBC their daughter came with them from Oxford House to Winnipeg to help a family member attend a medical appointment.

When Melinda and Christine's father George returned home to their hotel room, Christine was gone.

"I think of her all the time, wondering where she is, if she's OK," Melinda said.

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection also put out another call for help finding Wood on social media Friday.

"My heart breaks for them," said Michelle Ham, who works in the centre's child safety division which is behind the website, where Wood is featured.

George and Melinda Wood, Christine's parents, at a September press conference pleading for her to come home. (CBC)

Ham said staff at the centre continue their efforts to find Wood — something she hopes gives some reassurance to Wood's parents, who are now back in their home community of Oxford House. 

"The search continues even when they're at home," Ham said. Ham said the centre has ads with a picture of Wood's face on billboards across Canada.

"Nothing's going to slow down," she added.

Melinda said her family plans to return to Winnipeg when the weather warms up to continue their search for Christine.

She begged anyone who may have seen her daughter to call police. "We want to know if she's OK."


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