Transmitter upgrades may result in interrupted over-the-air signals for some CBC viewers in Manitoba

Some viewers could have their CBC Television signal interrupted because of upgrades being made to CBC's transmitters this month. The work will only affect people using over-the-air antennas, not those with satellite or cable subscriptions.

Transmission infrastructure work may affect those using antennas; cable, satellite viewers won't be affected

The work on CBC's transmission infrastructure will continue through July 14 and may affect those using over-the-air indoor or rooftop antennas. It will not affect people using satellite or cable subscriptions. (petcharaPJ/Shutterstock)

Manitobans who watch CBC Television over the next few days may have their signal interrupted because of upgrades being made on CBC's transmitters.

Starting Friday, the local CBC signal (CBWT-DT) on Channel 27 for viewers using over-the-air indoor or rooftop antennas may be disrupted.

The work on CBC's transmission infrastructure will not affect people using satellite or cable subscriptions.

CBC/Radio-Canada is committed to supporting our viewers through this change so they can continue to access local and national CBC Television content. All of CBC's video content is also available for free on CBC Gem.

Viewers can continue to watch CBC Winnipeg News at 6 live through the following options:

Service is expected to return to normal on July 15.

The transmitter upgrades were required after Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada's joint decision with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to repurpose the ultra high frequency, or UHF, band for over-the-air TV broadcasting and mobile services, resulting in several over-the-air television broadcasting stations being reassigned to new channels.

The program requires broadcasters with over-the-air services to move into a tighter spectrum to free up more spectrum for wireless carriers.


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