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Cassandra Szklarski is a reporter with The Canadian Press.

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Canada's higher COVID-19 death rate tied to better chronic disease control

More Canadians live longer with chronic disease, putting them at greater risk of dying from COVID-19, heart researchers say.

Canada's proportion of COVID-19 deaths in long-term care double the average of other countries, study shows

A new study finds the proportion of Canadian COVID-19 deaths that have occurred in long-term care facilities is about twice the average of rates from other developed countries.

COVID-19 closes curtain on Mirvish Productions, Stratford Festival seasons

COVID-19 safety concerns are closing the curtain on hotly-touted theatre shows planned by Mirvish Productions, as well as the Stratford Festival.

Health officials looking at more high-tech methods to track spread of COVID-19 in Canada

Increasingly frustrated health officials say they are prepared to take more aggressive measures to track and contain people with COVID-19 as the number of sick and dead continues to soar.

Why emergency departments look empty amid COVID-19 outbreak

Era of public health directives to social-distance and conserve precious health-care resources for COVID-19 has many people grappling with when it's OK to go to the ER.

All-transgender hockey team 'like an instant family' for players who felt like outcasts: Co-captain

A new hockey team is the first ever made entirely of transgender men, transgender women, and gender non-conforming athletes. Team Trans recently played in the Friendship Series in Cambridge, Mass.

Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week showcases clothing design with 'higher purpose'

The shape of a silhouette, the stitch on a hem, or the colour of a garment are more than esthetic choices for Indigenous artist Yolonda Skelton. Together they can provide a glimpse into the life of a person, a clan, and a nation, she says, and these stories take centre stage at the second Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week.

Louis C.K. accuser 'infuriated' by Yuk Yuk's founder's defence of disgraced comic

One of Louis C.K.'s accusers is disputing a Canadian comedy club CEO's reasons for booking the standup superstar earlier this year.

Canadian Luke Kirby 'stunned' to nab Emmy nomination for role in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Hamilton-born actor Luke Kirby says he was "surprised" and "stunned" to have received his first Emmy Award nomination on Tuesday for his role in the TV series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, as the coarse New York standup in the late 1950s.

Drake's antics escalating with each Raptors victory

By now, Drake's relentless grandstanding on behalf of his beloved Toronto Raptors is to be expected. And so too, then, is the wrath of Milwaukee Bucks' fans now excoriating the Canadian rapper for a series of escalating taunts.

How leading Tony nominee 'Hadestown' took shape at Edmonton's Citadel Theatre

Tony Award fever has hit Edmonton where set builders, lighting experts and other theatre artists who helped shape the smash Hadestown are revelling in the musical's leading 14 nominations.

Study links preschool screen time to behavioural problems

A new study links excessive screen time among preschoolers to behavioural problems they experienced at age five.

Loneliness can be a big factor in getting good nutrition

Loneliness is a big factor in getting good nutrition, say experts in the field of senior health.

Toronto's Greektown, known for bustling patio culture, becomes site of mass shooting

Toronto's vibrant Greektown neighbourhood is best known by locals for its for bustling patios, features spectacular views of the Toronto skyline and made appearances in songs and movies. On Sunday, it became globally known for a mass shooting that killed two and injured 13 others.

Former radio shock-jock sympathizes with downfall of Dave Wheeler

Former shock-jock radio star Dean Blundell says he can sympathize with the unceremonious downfall of Winnipeg radio host Dave Wheeler, who was fired this week after making offensive comments about transgender people.