Catch up on CBC's hidden camera investigation into those 'extra fees' car dealers charge

In case you missed the CBC Manitoba's hidden-camera investigation into Winnipeg car dealerships this week, catchup

3 stories from earlier in week detail CBC I-Team investigation into car sales, 'truth in advertising'

It’s a law that is supposed to protect car buyers from surprise fees. But more than a year after it came into effect, extra fees are routinely being added to the advertised price of vehicles at many dealerships. 1:36

Miss the CBC I-Team's investigation into those "extra fees" some car dealers tack onto the listed sale price? Here's what you missed:

Surprise! Car buyers still asked to pay 100s in extra fees despite new law

Car advertisements in Manitoba must include all fees except PST and GST. But that is not what I-Team secret shoppers found out when they visited some of Winnipeg's biggest dealerships. (Getty)

On Wednesday morning, CBC Manitoba's investigative unit published a story that looked into the extra fees some car dealerships in Winnipeg continue to charge buyers.

Legislation that passed in June 2015 that supposed to keep dealers honest about the final sales price of vehicles. The legislation states that advertised prices must reflect the true total sales price of a vehicle, including all additional charges, save for the PST and GST.

Charging extra fees in and of itself is not against the law. The legislation aims to ensure "truth in advertising."

Our investigative team rigged up secret shoppers with hidden cameras and sent them into select dealerships posing as (somewhat naive) prospective vehicle owners to see if the "truth in advertising" legislation translated into practice.

Seven out of 10 salespeople CBC News spoke with tried to convince the secret shoppers they had to pay $599 to $1,799. 

Customers should ask for refunds on extra fees, car dealers association says

Brent Morgan and his five-year-old daughter, Quinn, stand in front of the van he purchased at Birchwood Kia this spring. Morgan said he paid $799 in extra fees. (CBC/Jeff Stapleton )

In the days after that first story, CBC News received calls and messages from hundreds of people who had been charged extra fees when they purchased a vehicle over the past year.

Many of them have already approached dealers they bought their vehicles from to demand refunds.

The art of the car deal: Inside secrets from a veteran salesman

From the meet-and-greet to the closing, there are six stages that kick in when a customer steps into a car dealership. (Shutterstock)

A veteran car salesman also opened up to CBC News about some of the inner workings of the car dealership world.

In a story published Friday, he explained the six stages of the sale and provided some advice about how to negotiate deals with persuasive car dealers.

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