Car crashes party after plowing into Winnipeg restaurant

The owner of a Winnipeg restaurant is shaken up after a car plowed into her Elmwood business Saturday night.

Owner of Elmwood restaurant says driver was taken to hospital

A car plowed into Sonya's, an Elmwood restaurant, Saturday night. (Austin Grabish/CBC)

A car crashed an evening party at an Elmwood restaurant Saturday night when it plowed into the building.

"We were thinking that was like, a bomb explosion. In the door, it's actually shattered and bricks came in. It looks like a bomb," said Vera Vodrazka, owner of Sonya's on Henderson.

The crash happened around 10:45 p.m. during a private party at the restaurant. It's the second time Vodrazka and her husband have had a car drive into their business, which is also their home.

Vodrazka said nobody in the restaurant was hurt, but the driver of the car was taken to hospital. She's now left dealing with the damage.

"I think it's like $20,000 for sure," Vodrazka said.

with files by Aidan Geary