Canadian geography confuses Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford got a tad confused on his Canadian geography — in particular, where Winnipeg is — during a trip to Chicago this week.

WATCH Rob Ford mixes up Manitoba geography

9 years ago
Toronto mayor confuses Manitoba and Ontario during trip to Chicago 0:30

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford got a tad confused on his Canadian geography — in particular, where Winnipeg is located — while visiting Chicago this week.

During a trade mission in the Windy City, Ford strolled the streets to chat with passersby, introducing himself and telling people to visit him at city hall should they ever stop in Toronto.

While talking to one couple who said they had been to Canada, Ford asked where they had visited.

They told him, "The part where you go across Detroit and the river." That would be Windsor, Ont.

But Ford replied: "Oh, Manitoba. Have you ever been to Winnipeg?"

Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz said on Wednesday that he has never met Ford, but when the occasion presents itself, "I'll be very definitive in telling him where Winnipeg is and what a great city Winnipeg is."

Katz then added, in Ford's defence, that geography goofs aren't that uncommon.

"You know what? I think I've seen presidents of the United States make blunders like that too, so he's not the first politician to do that," he said.