Cameron MacLean

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Cameron MacLean is a journalist living in Winnipeg, Man. where he was born and raised. He has more than a decade of experience covering news in the city and across the province, working in print, radio, television and online.

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'Suddenly the balloon pops': Election campaign defeat can take emotional toll on candidates

Former candidates and political observers reflect on the emotional impact of running and losing in an election.

Winnipeg police seeking to buy drone to increase eyes in the sky

Winnipeg police want to join the growing ranks of law enforcement agencies across Canada adding drones to their arsenal of crime-fighting tools. 

How Manitoba broke ground with a decades-long proportional representation experiment now 'faded from memory'

For a long but largely forgotten period of Manitoba's history, voters were represented by multi-member constituencies and voted by ranking their candidates in order of preference. But just as suddenly they adopted it, political leaders abandoned it. 

Jubilant Pallister claims 2nd straight PC majority — albeit a smaller one

Brian Pallister will keep his job as premier of Manitoba after voters handed his Progressive Conservative party another majority government in Tuesday's election.

Ruling that Quebecers can grow pot at home could boost challenge of Manitoba's law

The Quebec Superior Court struck down that province’s ban on home cannabis cultivation this week — a move legal experts say could set a precedent for anyone seeking to challenge a similar ban in Manitoba.

'Hands in the air': RCMP raid home of army reservist accused of ties with neo-Nazi group

The RCMP raided the rural Manitoba house of a military reservist who is suspected of recruiting for a global neo-Nazi terrorist group late Monday night and seized a number of firearms.

Canadian military investigating whether Winnipeg member involved in hate group

The Canadian Armed Forces is investigating whether one of its own Winnipeg members may be involved with racist extremist activities, including recruiting for a global neo-Nazi hate group.

City of Winnipeg in contempt of court, did not act 'in good faith' in rejecting Parker lands plan: judge

A judge has found the City of Winnipeg in contempt after it ignored an order to consider a developer’s plan to build new Parker lands residential units.

Man who killed Winnipeg Transit driver must spend at least 12 years in prison

Brian Kyle Thomas, found guilty in January of second-degree murder in the death of Winnipeg Transit driver Irvine Jubal Fraser, was sentenced in Manitoba's Court of Queen’s Bench Wednesday.

Pedestrian hit by car at crosswalk on Sargent Avenue dies

The woman hit by a car at a crosswalk in the city’s West End last week has died.

How duckweed might be a solution to pollution in Lake Winnipeg

A group of Manitoba scientists is looking into whether a tiny native water plant could help reduce toxic algae blooms on Lake Winnipeg.

City rejection of phosphorus reduction plan shows 'embarrassing lack of leadership,' advocate says

Advocates working to improve the health of Lake Winnipeg say they’re frustrated that city officials rejected their proposed solution to the overload of phosphorus flowing out of the north end water treatment plant.

'It is not over' but search for B.C. homicide suspects scaling down

RCMP are scaling down their hunt in northern Manitoba for two B.C. homicide suspects, citing a lack of new leads as the search stretches into its ninth day, but the head of Manitoba’s Mounties insists they are not giving up.

'Back to Square 1': Search for B.C. fugitives regrouping in Gillam, Man.

The mayor of a northern Manitoba community that has been the focus of a massive hunt for two homicide suspects says he’s “baffled” after a tip about a possible sighting in a nearby community turned up nothing. 

Mounties leaving York Landing, Man., as latest tip in search for fugitives comes up empty

Some of the RCMP officers in pursuit of two B.C. homicide suspects are leaving York Landing, Man., after their extensive search of the community appeared to turn up nothing.