Calico kitten shows up at Steinbach fire hall, melts hearts

Firefighters are no strangers to saving lives, so luckily a tiny kitten that showed up at the Steinbach fire department, still has all nine.

‘Ember’ is now up for adoption after being taken in by firefighters in Manitoba city

Ember, an aptly named kitten that showed up at the Steinbach fire department, is now up for adoption. (Steinbach Fire Department/Facebook)

Firefighters in Steinbach are used to responding to calls for help, so when a tiny kitten pawed at their door, they answered.

"We noticed a little kitten looking in the window, putting her paw up against the window wanting to come in," Steinbach fire chief Kelvin Toews told CBC's Radio Noon.

Nearly three weeks ago, the young cat came by the fire hall and wouldn't leave. Crews took pity on the cat, who was out in the cold and brought her inside the hall to warm up.

The fire department posted news about the cat on its Facebook page, searching for whoever the cat belonged to, but didn't have any luck.

The calico kitty showed up at the fire hall in January and was taken in by firefighters. (Steinbach Fire Department/Facebook)

"She's a little calico, very friendly, obviously has been around people before so I'm not sure what her full story is," said Toews.

Toews said people in the community began to follow their social media account in search of updates about the cat, which are cutely named "Ember Alerts."

"She's a beauty! And I'm following your page for kitty updates!" one post read.

Crews posted pictures of the cat and followers suggested names for the feline, with Ember being the top choice.

The Steinbach Fire Department has been offering updates about Ember on its Facebook page. (Steinbach Fire Department/Facebook)

Toews brought Ember to stay in his heated garage while they figured out what to do with her.

At the end of January, she was taken to the vet to address some ear mites and get spayed.

She's now up for adoption and has her own email address. Anyone interested in adopting Ember can email

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