A look at Assiniboine Park Zoo's most exotic flying exhibit: Butterfly garden now open for the season

Assiniboine Park Zoo's Butterfly Garden is now open, and they're bringing in some tropical creatures this summer.

Several hundred butterflies are brought in over the summer

The zoo imports about 400 butterflies to the garden every two weeks. (Elisha Dacey/CBC)

The Assiniboine Park Zoo's most exotic flying exhibit is now open for the season.

The Butterfly Garden at the zoo is open now until September.

CBC was there on opening day Saturday. Every two weeks about 400 more butterflies are imported. 

Check out a few photos (and some butterfly facts!).

The butterflies are imported from Costa Rica. (Elisha Dacey/CBC)
The butterflies arrive in a box and their chrysalis is gently pinned upside down in a plexiglass cage while they emerge. These ones were pinned on Thursday. (Elisha Dacey/CBC)
Once their wings are dry, they are released into the garden. (Elisha Dacey/CBC)
As these are tropical butterflies, the warmer and more humid it gets, the more active they become. (Elisha Dacey/CBC)
The average lifespan of a butterfly is three weeks. (Elisha Dacey/CBC)
They like to hang out on flowers and leaves. (Elisha Dacey/CBC)
While you're in the garden, look carefully — they like to hide. (Elisha Dacey/CBC)
While inside the garden, a butterfly may land on you — but don't touch! Their wings are very delicate. (Elisha Dacey/CBC)
If you like bigger butterflies, this animatronic monarch may be more your speed. (Elisha Dacey/CBC)
The population of monarch butterflies — arguably Manitoba's most recognizable butterfly — is in decline due to severe habitat loss. Want to help? Plant some milkweed and other native local species. (Elisha Dacey/CBC)


Elisha Dacey


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