Bus shelter shooting victim dies

A 24-year-old man shot at a Winnipeg bus shelter Sunday afternoon has died.
The bus shelter at the scene of the shooting was smashed out.
A 24-year-old man shot at a North End Winnipeg bus shelter Sunday afternoon has died.

The brazen daylight shooting happened just after 2 p.m. near the Mount Carmel clinic at 886 Main St., near the intersection with Stella Avenue.

The victim was taken to hospital in critical condition but has died, according to Elmer Catcheway, who identified the victim as 24-year-old Darren Walsh.

Catcheway, who described himself as Walsh's best friend, said the killing has left him stunned. It has also shocked Catcheway's 10-year-old niece, who was with Walsh at the time.

"She saw everything that happened. Apparently, it happened there at the shack and all I heard was that he asked someone a question and I guess they just pulled out a gun and shot him," said Catcheway.

"My little niece, for her to see that … she's only ten years old."

Witnesses said the suspect shot Walsh at least twice —  the second time in the back while he was trying to escape his attacker.

Police tape off and guard the area around the shooting Sunday afternoon.
The glass bus shelter where Walsh was standing was smashed out. The glass was strewn all over the street, mixed in with pools of blood.

Catcheway said Walsh worked at a local company that makes mattresses and kept mostly to himself.

Catcheway doesn't know why anyone would shoot his friend.

Officers managed to catch the suspect just two blocks away, near Sutherland Avenue and Robinson Street, with the help of some witnesses.

They also recovered a long-barrelled gun discarded in a yard near the scene of the shooting.

Jheruel Mananghaya, 24, was arrested and has been charged with second-degree murder and numerous weapons offences. He is in custody at the Winnipeg Remand Center.

Police have yet to confirm Walsh as the person who was shot.

The death is Winnipeg's ninth homicide of 2010.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to contact the homicide unit at 204-986-6508.