Manitoba·★★★★ Review

Burn Job

FOUR STARS "Everybody has a story," says master Fringe talespinner TJ Dawe at the outset of his latest one-man winner.

FOUR STARS | Master storyteller TJ Dawe takes Fringers on a trip with many satisfying stops

TJ Dawe (Diane Smithers)

Rating: ★★★★

Company: Big Sandwich Productions, Vancouver

Genre: Storytelling

Venue: 13 — Bandwidth Theatre 

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"Everybody has a story," says master Fringe talespinner TJ Dawe at the outset of his latest one-man winner, Burn Job.

But there's often a gap between the story we tell ourselves and what really happened.

I occasionally got lost on Dawe's path but he always made satisfying stops.- Kaj Hasselriis

For 75 mesmerizing minutes, Dawe tells a true tale that takes us from an elementary school playground in Victoria, B.C., to a Buddhist retreat in upstate New York more than two decades later. Along the way, he detours into the Marvel comic books universe, A Clockwork Orange, the true value of Foreigner's mid-80s hit I Want To Know What Love Is, and some thoughtful life lessons.

I occasionally got lost on Dawe's path but he always made satisfying stops.

"There's a place for you in the bigger world," he says, "if you're willing to take it."

Burn Job is worth the trip.

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