Brunch fundraiser supports women who need bras

Brunch For Bras fundraiser happening to provide bras to women who've left situations of domestic violence, or who have had cancer, and need new bras that they can't afford.

Brunch for Bras wants to give women the pampering they deserve

Brunch for Bras is underway Sunday and hosted by comedienne Lara Rae. (Twitter)

For many women fleeing situations of domestic violence, or those who have had breast cancer, being able to afford new, clean and properly fitted bras is almost impossible.

But on Sunday a fundraiser aimed to change that. 

1 Just City organized Brunch for Bras with the goal of getting woman set up with properly fitted bras.

"One of the women who is on our organizing committee was in a shelter last summer, and of the 26 other women she was there with, two had their own bras," said Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud, fund developer with 1 Just City. "They did get to pick through a donation bin, but that was if there was something that fit you."

While bras may seem like a trivial thing, Blakie says they're more important than we think, and have an impact on everything from employability to self-esteem and safety. 

With the funds raised, women in need will be able to be pampered with a professional fitting and bra from Ce Soir Fine Lingerie.

Brunch for Bras took place at Le Garage Cafe and was hosted by comedienne Lara Rae.

The fundraiser had a silent auction and a photo booth. Attendees were encouraged to wear clothes they love but that are usually stuck languishing in the back of their closet.