Brian Bowman says Winnipeggers shouldn't rush to buy snow shovels

Mayor Brian Bowman said talk about making Winnipeggers shovel their own sidewalks is just that - talk.

Review of policy doesn't mean 'we are immediately shovelling our own sidewalks'

The City of Winnipeg is reviewing its snow clearing policy and is considering having residents shovel the snow near their homes themselves to save money and to get the snow cleared more quickly than waiting for heavy equipment. (CBC)

Mayor Brian Bowman said talk about making Winnipeggers shovel their own sidewalks is just that - talk. 

The city's public works committee has included the idea in the city's proposed pedestrian and cycling strategy.

Bowman won't weigh in on whether it's a good idea.

"It's not something where there is an active movement afoot to encourage the sale of shovels around town," he said. "The adoption of the pedestrian cycling strategy in no way, shape or form will put shovels in the ground on specific projects, nor will it mean that we are immediately shoveling our own sidewalks."

Bowman said the idea has been floated by city bureaucrats many times in the past, but ultimately, council will decide and Winnipeggers should be reassured that is not what's happening now. 

"There's no report that is being brought to council nor would I be supporting it at this time that people go buy some more shovels and get ready. It's simply putting in writing what's been reviewed budget after budget," he said. 

City staff are reviewing snow clearing policies and a report is due in September. 


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