Federal, provincial governments launch 2-year rent subsidy program in Brandon

The city of Brandon has been selected as a test site for a two-year national rent-assist program.

Up to $250 per month in subsidies will be given to nearly 50 vulnerable people and families

Manitoba Families Minister Scott Fielding launched a rent assist pilot project in Brandon on Friday, along with the federal government and Manitoba Metis Federation. (CBC)

The city of Brandon has been selected as a test site for a two-year national rent-assist program.

The Housing First Rent Supplement program was launched in the city on Friday by the provincial and federal governments, as well as by the Manitoba Metis Federation.

The program will provide up to $250 per month in rental subsidies for nearly 50 vulnerable people and families in Brandon who are homeless or who have been identified as at a risk of becoming homeless. 

"This pilot project recognizes that many people can face challenges finding suitable housing, even though it is often the first step for many people to stabilize their lives, feel safe and become a part of a community," Manitoba Families minister Scott Fielding said in a news release. "This is the first time the Manitoba government has partnered with a community agency on this type of program and we look forward to learning more about how it affects recipients and their overall success." 

The two-year project comes at a cost of more than $307,000.

The southwest region of the Manitoba Metis Federation will select recipients for the subsidy.