Blink's Garden

CBC: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Company: Presented by Siloam Mission

Genre: Storytelling

Venue:Β 32 β€”Β Kids' Venue

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A charming story with a thoughtful, but not heavy-handed, message about equality and working together,Β Blink's GardenΒ should be on your Kids Fringe list. Β 

Based on a poem by Winnipeg's John Janzen (who also provides the catchy tunes that pepper the show)Β Blink's GardenΒ tells the story of a group of people who eke out their existence in a bleak and barren land. There, Blink and her friend Moeh tend a garden next to a huge wall. What's on the other side is a mystery, except for the sounds of laughter and revelry.

The "have vs. have nots" theme might not be too much of a surprise β€” the show is presented by Siloam Mission, working in partnership with Aboriginal Youth Opportunities and the Louis Riel School Division.

But well-rehearsed performances from the large young cast, and some smart staging of the poem, help its message connect with a young audience. And at a compact 30 minutes, it's well paced for youngsters.

The kids performing this show clearly have a lot of fun. If your kids have half as much fun watching it β€” and I think they will β€” you won't go wrong digging intoΒ Blink's Garden.


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