Black bear makes the trip to Steinbach

People in Steinbach were shocked to see a black bear amble through the city early Sunday morning.

Steinbach man had to stop his truck when bear stood in middle of Main Street Sunday morning

A black bear wanders across Main Street in Steinbach around 4 a.m. Sunday. (Travis Friesen)

A black bear standing in the middle of Main Street at Willow Crescent in Steinbach, Man., was the last thing Travis Friesen expected to see when he was headed home early Sunday morning.

Friesen was going home from doing some work on a friend's farm field around 4 a.m. CT when the bear blocked his way and wouldn't let him pass.

"He stopped and then he wanted to get his camera out to take a picture and it slowly started moving off," said Marcella Friesen, Travis's wife.

"He did manage to get a picture but then it just sauntered on."

She wonders why the bear was in the city so late in the season.

"Because it's in town, right, and going around; it doesn't seem to be scared of anything. It definitely wasn't scared of the truck," Friesen said.

A spokesperson for Manitoba Sustainable Development said conservation officers were sent to the area and saw tracks, but were unable to find the bear.

Friesen spotted the bear in the southeast corner of Steinbach, a small city about 50 kilometres southeast of Winnipeg.

Even though the bear was seen then heading east out of town, Marcella Friesen is still concerned about the possibility it will reappear.

"If it's still around, what's going to happen? Is it going to start going through people's yards and their garbage even during the day and not hiding because it should be hibernating," she said.

"So we're kind of worried like for kids, for people, anybody."

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