Biker war vigilance urged by Winnipeg police

Police are stepping up public vigilance of biker violence in Winnipeg by alerting residents who live in a neighbourhood with a known gang member.

Police are stepping up public vigilance of biker violence in Winnipeg by alerting residents who live in a neighbourhood with a known gang member.

They will not identify any specific house, but will tell residents they could see an increase in police patrols.

Police contact

Anyone with information regarding suspicious activity in their community is asked to call police at 204-986-6222 or Crime Stoppers at 204-786-TIPS (8477).

"Officers will also be asking for the public’s assistance in reporting any suspicious activity in their neighbourhood," spokesman Const. Jason Michalyshen said Friday.

"Our goal is to create a heightened awareness in an effort to combat these recent events."

Michalyshen would not say which neighbourhoods the police are monitoring, noting the violence is not confined to certain areas.

A wave of violence — shootings, firebombings — has erupted in Winnipeg during the past month and police have attributed it to a battle between the Rock Machine and Hells Angels biker gangs for "supremacy" of the local drug trade.

Security cameras monitor the doorways at the clubhouse for the Redlined Support Crew at an industrial park in Elmwood. (CBC)

Over the course of four days this week, four firebomb incidents were being investigated by police. Two business and two homes were hit with molotov cocktails but no one was injured.

A sign warns trespassers at the Redlined Support Crew clubhouse of the presence of cameras. (CBC)

Meanwhile, CBC News has obtained court documents that provide a little more information on one side of the war: the Redlined Support Crew, a Hells Angels puppet group.

The Redlines SUpport Crew, street-level enforcers for the Hells Angels, operate out of a building in an industrial park on Bowman Avenue. (CBC)

Members of the RSC, the street enforcers for the Hells Angels, operate out of a building in an industrial park on Bowman Avenue in Elmwood, court documents state.

People who work in the area are reluctant to talk about their neighbours but told CBC News there is always a lot of action around the club, and plenty of police presence.

Security cameras monitor the doors of the clubhouse, which share space with auto shops and small warehouses.

Documents state the Redliners answer directly to Hells Angels members, and brothers, Dale and Rod Sweeney.