Bartley Kives

Reporter, CBC Manitoba

Reporter Bartley Kives joined CBC Manitoba in 2016. Prior to that, he spent three years at the Winnipeg Sun and 18 at the Winnipeg Free Press, writing about politics, music, food and outdoor recreation. He's the author of the Canadian bestseller A Daytripper's Guide to Manitoba: Exploring Canada's Undiscovered Province and co-author of both Stuck in the Middle: Dissenting Views of Winnipeg and Stuck In The Middle 2: Defining Views of Manitoba. His work has also appeared in publications such as the Guardian and Explore magazine.

Latest from Bartley Kives

Spanworm infestation comes to sticky conclusion for the season

If you live in a leafy neighbourhood infested with elm spanworms, the City of Winnipeg says there's light at the end of the sticky, excrement-encrusted tunnel.

Black & white & red all over: How a glut of newsprint sucked the profits from recycling

Winnipeg is feeling the pinch from low prices for a common recyclable commodity — but it isn't the plastic many Canadian cities are struggling to sell. It's paper.

100 years after the Winnipeg General Strike, Manitoba labour faces fights from outside and within

The Manitoba labour movement's challenges include slow growth, a hostile provincial government and the gig economy. Unions also have to contend with allegations of sexism, an inability to help newcomers and reluctance to adapt and change.

Manitoba may create new board that could override Winnipeg land-use decisions

Manitoba should create a new quasi-judicial board with the power to second-guess City of Winnipeg land-use decisions, a provincial review of city planning, zoning and permitting recommends.

Earlier, later and less predictable: How the forest fire season is changing — and why

Across much of Canada — and particularly in the west — firefighters and forest managers are forced to contend with woodland blazes for a longer portion of the year, as climate change has extended fire season and made it less predictable.

Growing pains: Cannabis retailer Tweed lays off 12% of Manitoba staff

Cannabis retailer Tweed has cut 12 per cent of its Manitoba workforce in a round of layoffs the Ontario-based brand describes as a result of learning how to operate legal weed storefronts.

Transit union votes 97 per cent to reject 'final offer' from city

Winnipeg's transit union has rejected a deal the city describes as a final contract offer.

Fact-checking the provincial planning review: Did city hall really kill off school expansions?

One of the bombshell allegations contained in a provincial review of city planning — a claim Winnipeg derailed multiple school renovations or expansions — is based on a single project that was supported by future premier Brian Pallister and rejected during the waning days of the Sam Katz administration at city hall.

Why Brian Pallister's efforts to clear the air in Winnipeg's property department may only muddy the waters

Developers may be right to claim the City of Winnipeg's planning, property and development department is dysfunctional. An anonymous, evidence-free review may do little to help their cause, aside from publicizing it.

Winnipeg's property department 'dysfunctional,' suffers from broken culture, scathing provincial report says

The City of Winnipeg's property department is dysfunctional and suffers from a "broken culture," according to a provincial review of city planning, zoning and permitting based on interviews with 50 anonymous people identified as stakeholders.

Prospect of Winnipeg Transit strike rises as union poised to reject 'final' contract offer

The potential for a Winnipeg Transit strike is rising as the union representing bus drivers and mechanics is poised to reject what the city describes as a final contract offer.

Why the finance minister is taking flak in the latest battle between the two Brians

Brian Bowman often goes after at his council opponents. But it was something new and altogether weirder when Winnipeg's mayor unleashed a missive against Manitoba Finance Minister Scott Fielding

Winnipeg Transit expects $854K revenue loss after change to Bombers game-day funding

Winnipeg Transit is trying to cushion an $854,000 blow after the Winnipeg Football Club informed the city the club intends to pay less this year for game-day bus service.

City engineers want to move on Arlington Bridge replacement but councillor says there's no cash

Winnipeg is poised to make replacing the Arlington Bridge a priority among major projects — even though the city has no money to pay for the $319-million job.

Riverwalk at The Forks slated to open for the season Saturday

The riverwalk at The Forks emerged above water overnight and will be cleaned up before the weekend.