Vera-Lynn Kubinec

Vera-Lynn Kubinec is a producer with CBC Manitoba's I-Team investigative unit, based in Winnipeg.

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Former Sandy Bay Child and Family Services head sued by Winnipeg construction company

A man who was fired from his job as the head of Sandy Bay Child and Family Services for alleged financial irregularities is now being sued by the Winnipeg-based construction company he hired to build the welfare agency’s head office.

Health authority sues Brandon psychiatric nurse over allegedly defamatory social media posts

A Brandon, Man., woman who was a psychiatric nurse is being sued by her former employer over posts on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram calling fellow employees idiots and accusing the health authority of killing its patients.

Disappointed Winnipeggers urge caution when hiring a moving company

As the busy moving season starts to ramp up, a group of Winnipeggers is warning those looking to hire a mover to be careful after they lost hundreds of dollars to a moving company that didn't show up.

Fired for refusing to disclose COVID vax status, Manitoba man sues pharmaceutical giant Bayer

A Manitoba man is suing pharmaceutical giant Bayer, claiming he was fired for refusing to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19.
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Experts offer a range of ideas on how Manitoba's flawed police-complaint system can be fixed

Manitoba's justice minister has admitted the way the province handles complaints against municipal police is flawed, and he is committed to changing it. Experts offer some ideas on ways to fix it.
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Complaint about police shut down over 'unreasonable' time limit for filing

A Winnipeg woman lost the ability to publicly complain about the conduct of police because of an arbitrary 30-day time limit that exists only in Manitoba.
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Manitoba's 'outdated' agency for complaints about police conduct to be overhauled: minister

The Manitoba agency that investigates public complaints about officer misconduct is getting overhauled amid growing calls for greater police scrutiny, CBC has learned.

Manitoba girl, 9, was sexually assaulted in hotel while in province's care: lawsuit

Decades have gone by since a Winnipeg woman was a child in the care of Child and Family Services and housed in a hotel for a couple of weeks, but the effects of what she says happened to her during that experience were traumatic and have not gone away.

Winnipeg woman seeks apology from police for aiming guns at her while searching for stolen vehicle

A Winnipeg transit driver says she is traumatized after she was surrounded by multiple police officers pointing guns at her near her North End home because they mistakenly thought she was driving a stolen truck.

Camera caught person walking away from fireball at Sandy Bay CFS office in 2019: fire commissioner

A person suspected of deliberately setting a fire that destroyed the Sandy Bay Child and Family Services office in 2019 was caught on camera, a report from the Manitoba Office of the Fire Commissioner says.