Sean Kavanagh

Former CBC reporter

Sean Kavanagh was a reporter for CBC Manitoba from 2003-21. He covered some of the seminal events in Manitoba, from floods to elections.

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Winnipeg's Springs Church offers members 'religious exemptions' for COVID-19 vaccination

Springs Church pastors Leon and Sally Fontaine have told their congregation they will provide documentation to those who wish to avoid vaccination for COVID-19 for religious reasons.

City repairs curb reported damaged 28 years ago — 16 years earlier than scheduled

A curb in St. Vital sitting broken since 1993 was finally repaired this month. In 2017 the city estimated it would take until 2037 to fix.

City of Winnipeg crime strategy panned by neighbourhood activist

Activist Sel Burrows is ripping into a plan by the City of Winnipeg to hire a new staff person to co-ordinate community response to crime.

City of Winnipeg proposes pandemic recovery plan with downtown as the focus

The financial damage to the city of Winnipeg from the pandemic needs urgent response, especially for the downtown.

Tentative contract negotiated between City of Winnipeg and fire fighters union

A tentative contract between the City and the United Fire Fighters of Winnipeg would see a 5.9 per cent wage increase and a change to compensation for the president of the union.

Winnipeg police, fire services told to review budgets as city finances groan under weight of pandemic

Revenues continue to be weak as expenses rise and the City of Winnipeg has to cover deficits in the budgets of its police and fire services.

Contractor at centre of massive lawsuit by City of Winnipeg asking for refund on fine

Caspian Construction company owner Armik Babakhanians is asking the city of Winnipeg for a refund for a fine he received for an empty building he owns on McGillivray Boulevard.

City of Winnipeg moves toward new rules on medical cannabis grow operations

A group of residents who oppose large-scale cannabis grow operations in their neighbourhoods are pleased with a city plan to restrict them.

Boost active transportation infrastructure support to fight climate change, Winnipeg council urged

Public works committee chair Matt Allard wants the budget increased for active transportation options and have planning for the infrastructure built into road construction improvement.

Arborists reflect on saving Winnipeg's urban forest on anniversary of 2019 snowstorm

Both city and commercial arborists agree the Thanksgiving weekend storm in 2019 caused ongoing stress to Winnipeg's trees — but other factors are killing the city's forest, too.