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Sabrina Carnevale is a former reporter with CBC Manitoba.

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'Raw, talented athletes' from northern Manitoba build strength, self-confidence working with Winnipeg trainer

Kids from northern communities are getting the opportunity to train with a professional Winnipeg strength coach, but what they’re gaining out of the experience is much more than fitness.

Elementary student builds rink in schoolyard, one milk jug at a time

Collicutt School student Adysen Baird loves skating so much, he made his own rink in his school's yard. Every recess for two months, Baird hauled heavy milk jugs filled with water back and forth to flood the rink.

A really fat bike: Winnipeg cycling enthusiast creates giant bike image in Red River snow

There’s no bike like a fat bike, especially one that measures 75 metres wide across the Red River.
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Keeper of the Grey Cup cares for trophy won by his dad — Glenn (Keeper) McWhinney

Jeff McWhinney has a connection to the Grey Cup that goes deeper than love for the game. He's keeper of the Grey Cup, in charge of caring for the CFL's silver trophy — a fitting job for the son of 1954 Grey Cup player Glenn (Keeper) McWhinney.
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Caring for owls, bobcats and coyotes all in a day's work

When an injured bobcat arrived at Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation three years ago, Tiffany Lui didn't know what to expect. Wildlife Haven has been rehabilitating animals and educating the public since 1984. Lui started at Wildlife Haven over four years ago and is the centre's only full-time employee.
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Meet the bike designer who changes lives

Freedom Concepts works with therapists and medical professionals to properly design bikes to accommodate the needs of individuals across North America with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, Angelman syndrome, Rett syndrome and visual impairment.

Winnipeg sisters quit jobs to pursue shared passion for reviving old furniture

Winnipeg sisters Michele and Angie Zubrin quit their 9-5 jobs to follow their passion and opened the Painters Café, the only business in Winnipeg that includes classes, a studio, custom signs and furniture under one roof.

The clothes make the man: Winnipeg high-schooler building fashion empire

When 17-year-old Adam Smallwood started painting designs on blank hats in school, little did he know that three years later, he'd have a successful clothing line and lifestyle brand. And he hasn't even graduated high school yet.

Axe man: Winnipeg coach helps others experience joy of axe throwing

We've all been told to not throw sharp objects, but what if there was an exception? Axe throwing is the newest social sport, complete with axes, targets and coaches.
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'Rock 'n' Roll Fisherman' aims to get Manitobans hooked on angling

The moniker "Rock 'n' Roll Fisherman" is one Todd Longley embraces. He's come a long way to earn the nickname, from a troubled inner-city youth to one of Manitoba's premiere professional anglers.