Robyn Brown

Robyn Brown is an early childhood educator, family centre co-ordinator and parent in Winnipeg.

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First Person

While isolating over Christmas waiting for COVID results, I saw how lucky my family was

Robyn Brown's family spent the holidays in quarantine, but "it didn’t take long to realize how incredibly fortunate we were to shelter this way," she writes.

All in, together — but rebuilding supports for vulnerable families post-pandemic will take time

The pandemic pushed some struggling families "back down underwater," says early childhood educator and family advocate Robyn Brown. But "we can climb out of the rubble that was this past year and start fresh once again," she says.

As Manitobans head back to work, more accessible quality child care needed

An early childhood educator cautions that while Manitoba has a plan that allows essential service workers to access child care, the pandemic reveals the need for accessible, quality child care.  
Point of View

'New normal' for parents is struggling with grief, guilt and pandemic demands — but you're not alone

Early childhood educator Robyn Brown offers a message for parents juggling working remotely, home-schooling and parenting "We are all struggling and crying and doing our best with the tools we have, and we are all in this together."

How to nurture families in need outside the classroom

Robyn Brown says like many educators, she's worrying about the students and families outside her school walls. "The message I have repeated to families each day is that we are still 'here,'" she says. "We are going to get through this together, and we will see you again soon."

More than a meal: School breakfast programs vital in building community, helping kids succeed

School meal programs do more than fill empty bellies, says Winnipeg early childhood educator Robyn Brown. They help build community, and feeling of self-worth and belonging for the kids they feed.