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Robin Summerfield is a producer with CBC Manitoba's Creator Network.

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Canadian landscape inspires a journey into the meaning of happiness with new short film The ___ Place

Winnipeg filmmaker Tyler Funk and dancer Emily Solstice Tait joined together with Halifax poet Michelle Elrick and musician Michael Belyea to create The ___ Place, a short film that explores the idea of creating joy during the pandemic.

Got the pandemic blahs? Here's how 28 Canadians found their bliss

Artists from Manitoba and across the East Coast create their happy places in dance, poetry, film, audio essays, illustrations, and photos in this national CBC Creator Network collaboration.
Creator Network

Let's dance! Animated friends connect in a virtual dance party

In this new short video, Winnipeg filmmaker Emmanuel Bongar and singer-songwriter Tuva Bergstrom share their pandemic happy place: virtually being with friends and connecting through their shared experience of isolation. The work is a collaboration between CBC Manitoba's Creator Network and Broadway Neighbourhood Centre's Just TV program.

Is beauty skin deep? Filipina-Canadian filmmaker explores skin shadeism within her culture

Winnipeg filmmaker Joanne Roberts has been told her skin is too dark by other Filipinos. In a new short film, she probes the effects of such comments on her own sense of self-worth.
★★★★ Review

Hyronomous A. Frog

Campy and delicious, Hyronomous A. Frog is great fun
★★ Review

Crabapple Trolls

Trolls doesn't quite live up to its comedy clownesque title
★★ Review

Tales of Foreign Lands and People

Skilled performer brought down by weak material

West St. Paul residents angry over planned school bus lot

West St. Paul residents angry over a planned 60-plus school bus parking lot, School Division and RM says resident concerns about traffic, noise and safety will be resolved

Winnipeg filmmakers win coveted spot at Toronto International Film Festival

Four young Winnipeg filmmakers have won a coveted spot at the Toronto International Film Festival, and they did it using diapers, pop star obsession and a botched plastic surgery.

Abandoned train engine listed on Kijiji for $25,000

For sale: Train engine; tracks not included.