Reis Pagtakhan

Immigration lawyer

Reis Pagtakhan is an immigration lawyer with MLT Aikins in Winnipeg.

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Pathway to Canadian citizenship needed for all temporary foreign workers: Pagtakhan

This week's federal budget provided more details on the government's Global Skills Strategy, designed to attract top global talent to Canada. But as the rules around temporary foreign workers evolve, Canada risks leaving behind some potential citizens.

U.S. travel ban creates opportunity for Canada to attract skilled new workers

The U.S. is mired in confusing messages regarding the direction of its immigration policy, and Canada should look at this as an opportunity to attract the best and the brightest to this country, says immigration lawyer Reis Pagtakhan.

Parent and grandparent immigration lottery doesn't answer hard questions

In December, the federal government announced a number of "improvements" to the immigration system to strengthen family reunification. While these announcements are generally positive, two basic questions remain unanswered. First, are these improvements real or cosmetic? Second, and more importantly, should family reunification be a priority of our immigration system?

3 steps the government must take to regain control of immigration

It is time for the Canadian government to take back control of our immigration policy in a manner that protects Canadians, ensures our immigration policy is effective and also protects individuals fleeing persecution.

Fees a good start — but provincial nominee program needs more work

Premier Brian Pallister has announced some welcome changes to the province’s immigration strategy, including measures to match immigrants with jobs and to attract more entrepreneurs to Manitoba.

Head off Trump-style anti-immigrant politics by using economics to guide policy, lawyer urges

Last week's election of Donald Trump as president was, in part, a repudiation of U.S. immigration policies. To maintain the support of its citizens, Canada’s immigration policy should be, first and foremost, a tool for economic growth, Reis Pagtakhan writes.

Should immigrants be punished for the lies other people tell?

Most Canadians would agree that a person should not be punished for something another person does without their knowledge. However, in immigration law, a person can suffer serious, life-altering penalties for misrepresentations that occur without their knowledge.

What will immigrant values screening protect us from? 'Virtually nothing,' ​Reis Pagtakhan writes

Conservative leadership hopeful Kellie Leitch recently sent out a survey asking whether the federal government should screen potential immigrants and refugees for anti-Canadian values. Will screening newcomers for anti-Canadian values make the country safer?

Workforce must be focus of Canada's immigration system, lawyer says

From my point of view, the way to ensure that our immigration system meets the needs of Canada is to put the focus on recruiting the most talented economic immigrants, Reis Pagtakhan writes.

Temporary foreign worker program: 4 changes needed, Reis Pagtakhan says

Winnipeg immigration lawyer Reis Pagtakhan says there are four things about Canada's temporary foreign worker program that should change once a parliamentary committee finishes its review of the program.