Michelle Palansky

A graduate of the Black Hole Theatre Company, Michelle Palansky has been a theatre instructor and member of the theatre troupe the Conspiracy Network. She regularly reviews Winnipeg Fringe Festival shows and also pinch hits for regular CBC reviewer Joff Schmidt.

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Be their guest: Beauty and the Beast offers fairy-tale ending to Rainbow season

Swooningly romantic, Rainbow Stage’s latest musical production, Beauty and the Beast, is a fairy tale vision replete with grand gestures, comic book villains and the transformative power of love.

Rainbow Stage offers glorious Greek getaway in Mamma Mia

Rainbow Stage is known for its excellent ensembles and the cast of Mamma Mia is no exception, with sharp dancing and particularly strong singing.
★★★ Review

Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster takes the audience on highs and lows but misses the final drop
★★★ Review

Time's Fancy: The War of King Henry V and Joan of Arc

Need for deliberate dialogue slows otherwise great production down
★★★ Review

The Doula

It’s not exactly ground-breaking, but The Doula has some funny lines
★★★★ Review


Flight relies upon astonishing acrobatics and the willingness of the audience to imagine new worlds
★★ Review

The Wind Telephone

Too many threads in The Wind Telephone just leaves a knot
★★★★ Review

The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over

The devil is in the details and Gemma Wilcox’s stagecraft is devilishly fine
★★★ Review

Beers About Songs

Fun show made slightly torturous watching star drink while audience swelters
★★ Review

Your Princess is in Another Castle

The characters spend more time shouting and swearing than they do advancing the plot